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Learning About Dog Training Techniques

Hello, I’m Dom. Welcome to my site about pet training. When I started training my dog, I did not know how to teach the latest and best tricks I saw pups performing around the world. I grabbed a clicker and a book about the subject and got to work learning about this exciting topic. I eventually developed training programs that started with a small step and continued to the exact trick I was looking to teach. From the extravagant to the practical, training your pets can be a great benefit. I hope you can help your pet learn new things with my help.


Preparing Your Feline For A Stay In A Cat Boarding Facility

If you just received word from your place of employment that you will be needed to travel for an extended time period, and you have a pet cat at home, steps will need to be taken to ensure it is cared for while you are away. If you are not comfortable with allowing someone into your home to tend to your pet, a trip to a boarding facility is an option to consider. A cat that has not spent time away from home in the past will benefit from some precautionary steps in the preparation for this vacation. Here are some tips you can use to get your cat ready for a holiday at a cat boarding establishment while you go on your trip.

Get Your Cat Used To Confinement

While your cat will most likely have lavish quarters, there will be a need to transport your pet in a cat carrier to get to the boarding facility. If your cat does not take trips in your vehicle much, getting into a carrier can start off their trip on a bad note. Getting your cat used to being in a carrier will help keep them from becoming anxious when it comes time to bring them to the boarding facility. Take short stints around town with your cat in tow. Give your pet treats along the way and talk to them frequently. When they take several outings without any scary consequences, they will be more apt to being in an agreeable mood on the day you take them to the boarding facility.

Increase Guest Visits Before The Trip

To help your cat get used to other people, it is a good idea to start bringing them into your own home before your trip begins. Inviting over a neighbor for coffee or a coworker to watch a movie or the big game will increase the amount of activity in your home. This will help your cat in becoming familiar with strange voices, making their trip to a boarding facility less likely to be traumatic when others are in the areas the cat will be located.

Bring Some Comforts From Home

Your cat will enjoy having some of the items they are in constant contact with inside of your home when they are away. Bring along a favorite blanket, one of your old sweatshirts, or a pillow that your cat enjoys sleeping on. They will feel relaxed when they take in the familiar scents upon these items. Bringing toys or treats will also give your cat a sense of familiarity when they are at the boarding facility.