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Learning About Dog Training Techniques

Hello, I’m Dom. Welcome to my site about pet training. When I started training my dog, I did not know how to teach the latest and best tricks I saw pups performing around the world. I grabbed a clicker and a book about the subject and got to work learning about this exciting topic. I eventually developed training programs that started with a small step and continued to the exact trick I was looking to teach. From the extravagant to the practical, training your pets can be a great benefit. I hope you can help your pet learn new things with my help.


Holiday Pet Remembrance: Ways for You and Your Children to Honor the Loss of a Dog

The holiday season is an ideal time to reflect on the past year and all of the changes that have come about. If you have lost a pet during the year, then this can bring about a lot of changes during the holidays. For children, it can be hard to cope with a loss. One of the more common ways to help children grieve for the pet is by finding some way to honor them. During the holidays, you can set up special memorials that showcase that the pet is not forgotten and how much it means to the child. Browse through the following memorial ideas to help plan out a holiday celebration that involves the memory of the pet and keeps them in your child's thoughts.

Memorial Ornaments

A Christmas ornament is a great way to honor the life of your pet. These special ornaments can be hung on a Christmas tree each year so that it feels like the pet is a part of the holiday festivities. You can choose to surprise your child with a holiday ornament or allow them to choose one with you. A number of ornaments feature picture-frame openings that pictures can be inserted in. They often have messages of remembrance and encouragement engraved on the designs.

Holiday-Lights Memorial Marker

A common dog-remembrance product is a memorial marker. These customized markers feature the dog's name, their birth year, and their death year. They can also come with a symbol of the pet, like a paw print or a silhouette of the body shape. When you purchase these memorial markers for the holidays, they can be customized even further with the use of holiday lights. Lights can be strung around the edges of the memorial marker to add a festive touch. This will create a nice lawn decoration that can be seen all through the holidays.

Memorial Necklace

Give your child something that they can wear each day. A memorial necklace makes a great Christmas present or stocking stuffer. They can feature the cremated remains of a dog or some type of special design. The touching gift will help keep the pet by the child's heart.

Pet-Memorial Frames

If you have images of the child with the dog, then you can set up something special by purchasing a pet-memorial frame. These frame designs can be purchased with holiday themes or with general themes so that the frame can be displayed all year long. The frames are ideal for displaying in a child's bedroom or for pairing with the cremated remains of the animal.

If you're making custom orders, it's a good idea to complete them several weeks before Christmas so that they can be prepared and arrive on time. Look at companies such as Homer's Furry Manor to see what options are open to you.